10 Feng Shui Tips For Your Bedroom

10 Feng Shui Tips For Your Bedroom

Feng Shui is an eastern philosophy that helps to bring harmony and positive energy through rearrangements in the objects around us in our home. Here is a list of 10 tips on how to maximize harmony in your bedroom through Feng Shui for better sleep:

1. Declutter

Before implementing any changes, it’s best to take away any broken furniture or things and clean around as well as under the bed. TVs, computers and exercise equipment are also a big no since it carries the opposite of relaxed, peaceful energy with them.

2. Energy cleanse

Open blinds/curtains each day to let light in and open windows for even a short period of time to let fresh air in. To clear negative energy, try burning sage, cedar, rosemary, mugwort, juniper or sandalwood. If you are not a fan of burning herbs, light a Himalayan salt lamp where the negative ions released when heated are thought to improve sleep and promote serenity.

3. Get a headboard

Having a sturdy solid headboard; especially one made of wood without holes or bars, is thought to attract stability and security to the sleepers on the bed. Do not have space between the headboard and the wall. Having the bed directly against the wall creates a protective energy and ability to hold on to good energy.

4. Remove storage under the bed

Underneath the bed needs to be clear of any items so that energy can flow easily all around while sleeping. If your closet is already maxed out, try keeping only soft items (such as linen and pillows) stored under the bed.

5. Correct bed placement

The bed should also not be directly in line with the door since it is believed to create a ‘dead’ position (going out feet first). North, Northeast and East are good for head placement when lying on the bed.

6. Create balance

The bed needs to be easily accessible from both sides. Also, having pairs of everything (2 nightstands, 2 lamps, 2 pillows) translates to creating a harmonious space with balance.

7. Go for curves

Pick bedroom furniture with curves and soft lines to increase the peaceful vibration within the room. Keep the top of the nightstands minimal with a lamp, a couple of inspiring books and preferably a beneficial plant that promotes better sleep quality.

8. Embrace earthy colors

The preferred color for bedroom are earth tones since it gives a grounding energy. Tones of cream, copper, brown coral and peach are good choices as well as light blue and greens. Choose wall art and painting that are inspiring and joyful. Paintings in soft muted hues of beige, brown and pink gives a loving vibration.

9. Check mirror placement

It’s believed to bring bad luck, infidelity and put strain on relationships by having a mirror that is above or directly in front of the bed.

10. Invest in quality bedding

Amplify the harmonious peaceful energy with exceptionally soft, toxin free bedding that is breathable such as our oeko-tex certified 100% bamboo viscose or organic Egyptian cotton.

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