3 Ways Bamboo Bedding Will Bring You Awesomeness

3 Ways Bamboo Bedding Will Bring You Awesomeness

Here are 3 ways our 100% bamboo viscose from the highest grade fibers will make a difference to you:


1.       Awesome Sleep


The amazing softness coupled with less heat trapped and more sweat wicked away faster means you’ll go to sleep quicker and stay asleep without waking up in the night.

No more feeling too hot and sweaty where you start to randomly fling things by midnight – starting with the duvet, the pillows, t-shirts…you know how this goes.

2.       Awesome Savings



Not only are you nabbing a great deal with our luxe sheets (since we hate ridiculous mark ups as much as you do) but you will also save money in the long term. All ZENLUSSO bedding items are made with single ply yarn which makes them last longer than sheets made from inferior fibers. Our sheets wash in cold cycle and don’t need fabric softener – better on your wallet and the carbon footprint wise.

Plus, given the thermal regulating properties of bamboo viscose, they are perfectly multi-seasonal. You can use ZENLUSSO bedding throughout the year and stay snug in winter or cool in summer without having to buy separate sheets for different seasons.

3.       Awesome Tranquility


If better sleep and more savings are not enough of a reason to try us out, ZENLUSSO also strives for peace of mind to all our customers. The bamboo plants used are certified organic and our bedding is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified. They have been SGS tested for harmful chemicals and manufactured in a BSCI audited facility to ensure fair employee conditions and wages.


Happy nights!


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