Essential Oils for Better Sleep

Essential Oils for Better Sleep

Did you know that smell can directly affect our brain’s thalamus – the structure that regulates consciousness and sleep. Therefore, using the sense of smell, we can almost cheat our way into better sleep. This is where essential oils come in; whether you add it to your bath before bedtime, use a diffuser or simply add a few drops to a bowl of hot water. Try these essential oils for better sleep, lower stress and lessen anxiety.



Lavender is known to be an effective natural remedy for insomnia and reducing levels of stress, restlessness as well as depression.  Inhaling the scent from lavender oil has been shown to lower the heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety levels. Not only will you get better sleep with this essential oil, there are studies that participants felt fresher and more alert the following day.


The vanilla scent is also another well know relaxer. This is the reason many lotions and bath products use vanilla as it results in an indulgent, relaxing experience. It reduces tension and promotes a feeling of calm and warmth – the perfect smell recipe for deep sleep.


There are studies that show inhaling Jasmine oil is better than Lavender when it comes to restful sleep. Participants in the study moved less during the night and performed better the following day due to lower stress levels. Not only that, it has been shown to be as good as valium in increasing calmness and reducing anxiety.

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