Hi! We are a family of hot sleepers.


After searching high and low for a set of cool sheets, we came across bamboo bedding. They were cooling like percale cotton without any roughness or crinkles and incredibly soft like a cross between cashmere and silk.


The only downside was the price. The bamboo bedding in our price range either did not have quality raw materials to make them durable and feel amazing or the certifications to ensure they were responsibly manufactured.


After testing (and sleeping on) several sample bamboo bed sheets for over a year from 3 different countries and 26 manufacturers, we found the perfect balance of raw materials, price and manufacturing methods.


We partnered with a small family owned company to avoid premiums charged by large factories. Our direct-to-consumer model eliminated commissions to middlemen and retail storefronts. To make bamboo bedding more accessible to everyone, instead of a 3x markup like most e-commerce stores, we chose 15%.

We spend one third of every day sleeping – choose bedding made for your total wellbeing.

Happy nights!