Are your products suitable for babies and MCS?

Our entire bedding collection is OEKO-TEX® certified free of harmful chemicals and substances, which makes them perfect for anyone with sensitive skin or multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS).


The ultra-soft, breathable nature of our fabric is soothing for infants and those with delicate/sensitive skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and chemotherapy patients.


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Where are they manufactured?

They are manufactured in China. The majority of bamboo used for textiles and linen in the world are grown in China. The manufacturers we considered from India and Turkey were also using bamboo fiber imported from China. To save on cost and reduce the carbon footprint, we have kept both fiber production and fabric manufacture in the same country.

Is there a Fair-Trade certification for bamboo linen?

Bamboo textiles currently do not have a Fair-Trade certification. This is the reason why we partnered with a manufacturing facility that is BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) audited. This ensures there are no unreasonable hours or child labor involved and employees have safe working conditions with fair compensation.

Do I need to wash my bedding before using?

All of our bedding is made with slightly oversized dimensions to account for the natural shrinkage which occurs in the initial wash. Our manufacturing process is free of harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and other agents that pre-shrinks the linen. This eliminates unnecessary toxic chemicals in your bedding as well as reduce their carbon foot print. If your bedding has a loose fit at the start, rest assured they will have the perfect fit after a couple of washes.

Do bamboo sheets wrinkle?

We do not use any artificial wrinkle-free chemicals unlike many other bed linen manufacturers. Like any natural fiber fabric, 100% pure bamboo bedding will wrinkle when washed. As long as they are removed immediately after being tumble dried on low heat or hung to dry, there will be very minimal wrinkling. Since bamboo viscose has high drapability, the remaining wrinkles will smooth after a night’s sleep.


Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! We offer free ground shipping on all our products to U.S. customers without a minimum order.

Can I make changes to my order once it’s placed?

Please email us ASAP with your order number, name, address and we will try our best to make the necessary changes.

How long does it take to ship my order?

You will receive a confirmation email with tracking information when the order gets shipped within 1 business day. Standard shipping usually takes 5-7 business days.


What is your return policy?

We have taken exceptional care to offer bedding that promotes your total wellbeing. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us at support@zenlusso.com and we will try our best to ensure you are one of our most satisfied customers. We offer a full refund for returns made within 30 days of delivery to the original form of payment. You only need to pay for the return shipping. A full refund on the price paid for goods will be processed once the products have been received and inspected. Please follow the detailed laundry care instructions before washing you bedding since we cannot accept items for refunds or exchanges that were damaged by incorrect washing.

How can I exchange an item for a different size?

If the wrong size was ordered, please email us for an exchange. Please note ZENLUSSO is not responsible for return postage. The original items should be unwashed, unused and in the original packaging for the exchange to be processed.


How do I care for my bamboo linen?

All ZENLUSSO items come with care labels for laundry instructions. It is recommended to was sheets separately in cold water set on a delicate/gently cycle with a mild detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Hang to dry is recommended or tumble dry on low heat and remove immediately.

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Is my bedding machine washable?

Yes! All our products are easy to care for. Just wash on delicate/gentle cycle with a mild detergent on a cold water setting and low spin. No fabric softeners. Wash bedding items separately to avoid abrasions or snagging from zippers, hooks, buttons and rough textiles like denim.

Do not use hot or warm water for the washing cycle. Although bamboo fibers are stronger than cotton when dry, they become more susceptible to damage when wet. Heat has to be avoided in the washing and drying of bamboo linen. This is because bamboo yarns absorb a lot more water and are at their most vulnerable when wet, therefore requires gentle care.

What laundry detergent or fabric softeners can I use?

Since bamboo linen repels dust and doesn’t absorb moisture or body oils, only a mild liquid detergent is required.

If using powder detergents, please dissolve before adding the linen to wash.

If you are following an all-natural washing routine, baking soda and white vinegar mixtures or chemical-free soap pods are safe on our bedding.

Fabric softeners are not necessary since they are already extremely soft. There’s no breaking in period like in cotton till your sheets get soft. Our bamboo linen range is super soft right out of the package.

Can I use fabric whitener/brightener on my bedding?

Do not use any bleach or fabric whitening/brightening detergents that have harsh chemicals on your bedding. If you do need to brighten the white fabric, a natural solution of ½ cup baking soda during the wash cycle along with ½ cup of white vinegar during the rinse cycle will work. Add them only during the separate cycles and do not combine.

If in doubt of a new detergent, we suggest carrying out a test wash on the reusable drawstring bag the sheets come packed in to ensure there’s no damage to the fabric.

How should I dry my bedding?

Line drying is best and most recommended. However, your bamboo bedding is dryer safe on low heat or airing setting with a delicate/low tumble cycle. Remove immediate once drying has finished to prevent wrinkles. Place them on the bed for use or fold gently and loosely (to help minimize wrinkles) to store for later.

How can I get rid of any stains?

Do not use bleach as it will damage the bamboo fabric irreparably. Pre-soak with a mild, eco-friendly stain remover instead.

Will my bedding pill?

ZENLUSSO bed linen are manufactured using the highest grade bamboo fibers with long-staple single ply yarns. This significantly reduces pilling that is common in bamboo sheets. However, please wash bedding separately (or with similar delicate fabrics) to avoid abrasions and follow all care instructions.

Will my bedding shrink?

There’s no need to worry about your bedding shrinking since all ZENLUSSO items come slightly oversized to account for shrinkage.

Why does my linen look a little wrinkled after drying?

ZENLUSSO bamboo linen have a rich thread count and premium yarn which makes them highly supple. Even if there are wrinkles after washing or storing, they will minimize after a few sleeps. We recommend placing them on the bed straight out of the dryer to have a smooth, fresh, amazingly soft bedding to guarantee blissful sleep.