ZENLUSSO Difference

Bamboo sheets from 100% bamboo viscose

100% Bamboo Viscose

Many other retailers claim their bedding is made of bamboo, only to find that it is a blend of bamboo and microfiber or cotton. ZENLUSSO only uses 100% Bamboo Viscose with the highest grade fiber available. The end result is a fabric that has superior softness, comfort and durability compared to other bed linen.

Bamboo sheets from the finest threads

Finest Thread

Finer the thread, the softer, smoother and more breathable the fabric becomes. ZENLUSSO only uses premium long-staple yarn threads in all products.

In comparison, the shorter yarn threads that are usually found in most bedding items, are weaker, coarser and tends to pill more.

Zenlusso difference. Single ply yarn

Single Ply Yarn

Every ZENLUSSO item is spun with single-ply yarn compared to other manufactures using multi-ply with lower grade short-stape yarns twisted together to save cost. Multi-ply fabrics are not as durable, soft or breathable as the ones using single-ply.

Zenlusso difference. Ideal thread count

Ideal Thread Count and Weave

All ZENLUSSO bedding items are made with 300 thread count bamboo viscose that is softer than 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton.

Thread count is the number of threads per square inch of fabric. After testing several samples, we found that a 300 thread count provide the perfect balance. A lower thread count sacrifices softness while a higher thread count minimizes the breathable properties of the fabric. Most manufacturers use multi-ply yarn and misleadingly advertise the thread count as the number of fibers twisted in the thread. A bedding with thread count advertised as 500 or more usually means that the fabric has been spun with lower grade multi-ply yarn.

The weave determines the texture of the fabric. Twill and Percale weaves give fabric a crisp texture while Sateen weave gives an ultra-soft feel. We decided to use the Sateen weave throughout our bedding range to make it buttery-soft with a lustrous sheen.

OEKO-TEX certified. Responsibly manufactured icon

OEKO-TEX® Certified. Responsibly Made.

All of our bedding carry the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification. They have passed strict testing for over 100 harmful chemicals and substances across all stages of the manufacturing process; from raw material, to weaving and sewing the fabric, up until the final packaged product. OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 also tests for color fading and ph levels to ensure no skin irritants are present in the finished products; which makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin and results in more durable bedding. The bamboo we use to spin into viscose fibers are certified organic and all our products are manufactured in a BSCI audited facility to ensure fair employee wages and working conditions.

Awesome Savings

Our direct-to-consumer model cuts out middlemen and retailers to pass the savings directly on to you. To make bamboo bedding more accessible to everyone, instead of a 3x markup like most e-commerce stores, we chose 12%!